audun kleive

Tjenesten er lisensiert av TONO/NCB. Uautorisert lenking, videreføring eller kopiering er ulovlig.

IN the fall of 2010, after touring extensively around the world with my old friend Nils Petter Molvær for some 3 years, I finally found the time to dive a little deeper into an electronic version of my drumming. Utilizing a wavedrum, a computer and about 112 midicontrollers, my goal was to create more harmonic content in both my sound and my phrasing, and to create a constantly moving/dancing filter/stereofield. While practicing this setup at home - I made stereo-recordings each and every day for 6 months, and in february 2011 found myself sitting on tens of hours of music. Not being able to further shrink my selections, I realized I needed help cutting the best stones from this vast quarry of material, and called my friends Jan Bang and Erik Honoré.

Originally I asked them to make rough cuts and selections from the stereomaterial fit for an album, but then I came across some money and we decided to make a properly "produced" album, meaning spending several weeks in Jan ́s studio to make selections, rearrange my recordings to new forms, overdub them, orchestrate them etc. This album is totally different from "ATTACK", not a drumset in sight, and definitely danceable if you keep your eye on the ball.