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Welcome To My New Website!

Solo at BodøHello, each and everyone!

Today marks the opening of my new place in space! A very fine day, indeed!

This place is in many ways a direct response to the many "legal" streamers and download-shops and their frankly pitiful paychecks to the artists. Should you choose to buy my music in here, you will do so directly from me, ensuring that you are truly supporting the Artist.

And me and my kind can hopefully continue to do what we do best: make efforts to create great music. Sometimes we even succeed!

It is also a place for me to continue building a collection of small gems from my own productions or those of others, pictures, stories and curiosities.

So, interesting links to great performances, an updater to what is going on around me - sounds from productions underway, perhaps - but I´ll keep to the interesting stuff. Intend to. Maybe.

releaseI will of course continue putting up new music to this place, sometimes shorter pieces as they´re being finished, instead of always being pushed into album-territory.

I´m proud to finally let go of these 2 new records, ATTACK and release, they are both full-sized albums, and kind of sums up what I have been doing from 2006 until now, on the solo front, that is...because there has been a lot of workin`....oh, yes....hehe...

More about that later.

In the meantime, thank you for stopping by, I surely hope the music will serve you well.

Audun K.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

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