audun kleive

Tjenesten er lisensiert av TONO/NCB. Uautorisert lenking, videreføring eller kopiering er ulovlig.

This session took place october 2006 in my studio Audiopol.  Christian W was the only one left from the old GeneratorX, and I wanted to check out Ole Morten´s electric bass capabilities. This recorded meeting was our first ever, a kind of an audition for a new branch on the GeneratorX family tree. I wanted to focus on "attacking" soundscapes, and besides that the following rules apply:

We have a common start-tempo/pulse.

Each will rapidly try to develop a personal system that each individual adheres to throughout the take.

This personal system must somehow have its relationship to our existing "common" pulse maintained, while staying consistent with one´s own idea even if this precipitates "crashes" rhythmically, or in any other ordinary musical sense of the word.

The trio turned out to be a perfect match, almost....uuhh...OhMyGod-able.

The level of interplay on these takes continues to amuse and stun me even today, after many long periods trying to finish the editing and sound these last 5 years. ENJOY!!